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Assasin's Kiss by Sharon Kay - Release Day - Excerpt - Review



Warrior Scorpio finds himself alone on a botched op. No weapons, no communication devices, injured…and instantly recognized by a group of witches who want him dead.

Witch Tessa promises to marry a rival leader to save her people. But she never planned on the new prisoner in her coven. Scorpio, a rough, former mercenary makes the outrageous claim that she belongs to him.

Even from behind bars, the longer Scorpio stays, the more he unsettles Tessa and she questions all she thought she knew. Choosing him will put everyone she cares for at risk. He’s nothing like she expected, and the last thing she could dare to want.

They reached the forest floor, and Scorpio crouched to allow Tessa’s feet to reach the ground. “Made it,” he said.
Solid ground met her feet and logically she knew she could let go. But it was all too much. Shudders raced along her arms as she loosened her lock on his neck and her legs went ragdoll-limp. “Catch me?” She slid backward.
He spun blessedly fast and scooped her into a cradle hold against his torso. “I got you,” he whispered.
She sighed and curled into him, still too shaky to process anything. He walked away from the trunk and she wondered idly if he planned to carry her all the way home, but he stopped at a different tree and lowered them both to the soft grass. Tension leached out of her muscles as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, shielding her and soothing her with a tenderness she could never have anticipated. 
“I got you,” he repeated, stroking her hair. “It’s over. I don’t detect any more wolves.”
She raised her head to look around, but all she saw were trees. She realized he had positioned them to not see any wolf bodies. “Thank goodness.” Laying her head on his chest, she listened to the strong steady thump of his heart and breathed in the clean scent of him, now tinged with the smoke of his demonfire. Thank the gods he’d been here today. What if it had just been her and Zeebi?
They’d both be dead. She shuddered.
His hand was warm on her arm, and his other was draped across her legs, holding the back of one knee. She studied them, noting several tiny scars, evidence of a life lived harshly, and also seeing the strength that could snap a neck. The push-pull tugged at her heart.
Those hands had ended hundreds of lives.
Those hands had just saved hers. Again.
How was this possible? He held her as though she were a priceless jewel.
Tessa tilted her head to look up at him. She had never noticed how long his eyelashes were. Stubble dusted his square jaw, and she wondered again at the mix of color in his hair.
He met her gaze, those incredible golden eyes simmering with a hotly sensual light. She knew about Lash demons, that their eyes gleamed when in battle, or when experiencing strong emotions. Including lust.
Something pulsed in the air between them, and slowly she reached a finger up to trace the line of his jaw. Rough, warm, stubble-dotted skin met the pad of her finger. He sucked in a breath and released it just as slowly, his lungs shuddering beneath her torso. “I…” she whispered. “I don’t know what to think around you.”
He caught her fingers and held them in his. “Yes, you do.” His tone was soft and coaxing. “You said it before. You know I will never hurt you. And I will never leave you alone and unprotected.” He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles, one by one.
Her heart stopped again at the softness of his kisses. If she had been confused before, she was officially over the cliff now. No idea which way was up. Heat from his mouth warmed her, shooting up her arm like fire. Nothing about this man said soulless murderer.
She tugged her hand away, unable to take any more of the sensation, the devastating preciousness he lavished on her. Her mind was already starting to imagine those warm lips on hers, and that brought
her up short. She couldn’t go there. The thought terrified her as much as it seemed like the absolute best idea in the world right now. But she curled her hand into his T-shirt anyway, wanting to stay pressed close to him.
Why? His kisses pushed her off kilter, but she had no desire to leave the safety of his hold. Physical contact with him registered with the same importance as breathing. Her limbs wouldn’t obey even if she’d wanted to. Something had shifted deep inside, something she couldn’t hope to explain. It should scare her. It should…but instead her mind was filled with wonder, curiosity, and temptation.

My Review

Sharon Kay creates a magical world full of a hot lash demon/watcher and witches in this book, it's book two in A Watchers Kiss series - Assassins Kiss.

Scorpio, was once an assassin, not by choice but he still killed to order. He has changed his ways and is now watcher under Arawn's watch. His currently a prisoner in a coven of witches and maybe his past is about to catch up with him in more ways than one!

Tessa, is the daughter of the coven leader. There coven has changed and so has the members life's due to the previous leaders death, which was caused by a certain Watcher! Tessa and her fellow witches are going to make him pay for his actions, that at is until she has to leave.....

Both the main characthers are very engaging, Scorpio is very smooth for a watcher, but his most definitely deadly even when his charming, his one you want on your side. Tessa isn't going to fall into Scorpio lap easily thanks to his past, he has his work cut out with this strong willed witch, she holds out longer than I expected but once his lips touch hers sparks fly and butterflies are released, those annoying ones that flutter in your tummy when you see someone you fancy.

There's always a baddy and damn Damien is bad and creepy, I sometimes take a liking to a baddy but not Damien.

This book is mostly based in the coven with the witches and Scorpio, the extras don't appear till later in the book, it was nice getting to know Scorpio more without the other watchers distracting me (they're all so yummy), but I enjoyed it when they turned up when needed and the brotherly interaction they all have.

An addictive paranormal world that's easy to read and lash demons/watchers to fall for.

Five I need my own lash demon stars


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