Review Requests

Review Requests

At this time I am accepting  review requests from Indie and traditionally published authors.

1. I will be honest in my review of your book. I will respect the work put into writing your book, but will give my personal view on your book. 
2. Feel free to email me to request that I read & review your book. I only have so much time and will do my best to read your book as soon as possible.
3. If I do decide to read your book, it in no way guarantees that I will write a review. If at some point during reading, I find it not to my taste, this rarely happens as I like to finish a book, I will let you know. 
4. If I rate your book below 3 stars, I will not publish review, as it may just be not to my taste and I understand everyone reads a different book and I'm not about putting out negativity.
5.  If I do finish it, and decide to review it, the review will be posted on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon. Links to blog post will be put on Twitter, Facebook and TSU.
6. I will let you know as soon as review us up.
7.  Please keep in mind that I have other books on my list and I like to give each piece equal attention. I do not promise a time frame for a review.

Favourite genres, PNR, contemporary romance, erotic romance, MM, dark romance romance/suspense.  If yours doesn't fit in these categories, feel free to ask still as always expanding.

If this is agreeable and you still want me to read your book, please email me at

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