Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I, Vladimir by Daniel Kaye - Review - Five Stars

I, Vladimir by Daniel Kaye

Dark Fiction Vampire Novel.
My memory is different from yours. Over time you lose sight of people and places, dates are like the frayed edges of a painting that you will never see again. The faces and events still haunt me as if they happened yesterday. I remember every life I have taken for almost two thousand years.
For a long time, with our numbers growing, we had known safety. Throughout history, there had always been stories about us. Many believed them to be old wives’ tales. Never once did I believe our numbers could lead to our downfall.
I have lived many lives and in all of that time, this was to become my darkest moment. The year was 1941 and war raged across Europe. Humans now traveled great distances to wage war on one another. The latest conflict had taken on a new face, a face of evil. One man had taken a sign of peace and placed it on a blood-red colored flag, which his troops followed into battle. Like locusts, they consumed everything in their path and invaded far off lands with little resistance.
As the war spread further, our clans divided into smaller groups to evade capture. We were forced farther east into colder, more hostile territory. Safe hiding places to sleep had become harder to find. I knew the day would come when we would be trapped, but never in my wildest dreams would have imagined it happening as it did.

My Review

I, Vladimir is compelling and enthralling reading. 

The story starts in the Second World War and I found myself rooting for Vlad straight away. It does delve back into history to explain and fill in other parts of the story and it takes us all the way up to current times.

I found our head vamp also known as Vlad really interesting his multi-layered, he is the head vamp so has to be tough and very brutal at times, he's also considerate and caring and capable of love. 

Vlad meets many people through his story some he helps, some he takes into his fold and nurtures, and some he kills, there are also some he just rips apart! 

Through his journey there are mini stories from the past that have a life of their own, but are all part of the Vlad's story, I warn you though they do have a dark and sometimes gruesome element! 

There is a love interest that adds an extra level to the tale, Hannah becomes the stability and home Vlad needs, it's all 'clean' though no bedroom scenes included. If you like your women equal in books you won't be disappointed all the women in this book have their own strength.

I really liked Vlad and thoroughly enjoyed his story, it stirred many emotions through me as I read the book. It's a very different vampire read to me, they usually include lots of romance and kissing but I found this book just as entertaining and would recommend to all paranormal and vampire book fans. 


Five compelling stars

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