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Phoenix Warriors Series by Karida Clarke - Review Rewind

Captured Heat (Phoenix Warriors #1)

The Phoenix Warriors, a group of immortals bound by the gods to protect the integrity of the human realm from otherworldly races, have been led for centuries by Cole, a guarded alpha male.

When Cole learns that an ancient demon has discovered the location of a tool that will enable him to escape from the prison realm, Cole vows to find and safeguard it before the demon's vampire minions.

Rebecca Powell is a high school guidance counselor who is everyone's "lucky charm." She's just not so lucky herself. After being used a time too many, she's through with men...until she runs right into the one she can't resist.

Cole and Rebecca have both been burned before, but can they put aside their misgivings to protect the human realm and learn to love again?

My review

**Karida's Phoenix men literally sizzle on every page**

Are you looking for a new series of warriors, maybe something different? You won't go wrong with this series about Phoenix's.

I love PNR it's my favourite genre so getting to start a new series about men that turn into Phoenix's is a pleasure. The warriors all have their own personality, which will make for an interesting series. When you mix in a strong leading lady you can't go wrong.

Rebecca is a guidance counsellor, that helps people more than she realises, she has recently come out of a bad relationship. Now, all of a sudden there's a hunky man hanging around. As soon as she's in danger Cole can't leave her alone, then again does she want him too! Their journey is full of adventure, mixed in with sensual and sexy scenes.

The authors writing flows and the story and characthers will grab you.

A great read full of hunky hot men and strong women, can't wait to read book 2.

Five super sizzling stars.

**I was gifted a copy if this book for an honest review**

Heat Reborn (Phoenix Warriors #2)

Heat Reborn (Samuel, a Phoenix Warrior who monitors otherworldly interactions in the human realm, is eager to return to business as usual after his recent rebirth. Immersing himself in technology has always been enough before, but something seems to be missing now.

Hadia, a young Mauritanian woman, was rescued from a life of enslavement by her mentor, the Desert Witch. Together, the women have the task of guarding the Eye of the Sahara, a portal to other realms. When the portal begins showing signs of failing, the Desert Witch sends Hadia on a search for help.

Hadia has met Phoenix Warriors before, but nothing could have prepared her for Samuel and the threat he may pose to her freedom. Samuel communicates better with computers than people, but his desire for Hadia makes him uncertain whether to trust logic or instinct.

Can they restore the portal before the realm is overrun by evil? Or will their feelings compromise the safety of all humanity?

My review

**Hot warriors, magical women, and a sizzling story**

Book 2 of Karida Clarkes Phoenix Guardians and they're as hot as ever!

This is Samuels book and his love interest Hadia, there's Lots of action and the story keeps you on your toes.

I really grew fond of the Desert witch and her playful ways in this book. Her apprentice you will remember from book 1 is Hadia and she's a witch.

Samuel, well he was great and loved him all through, I liked Hadia, I can't say I loved her, don't know why - she was strong and once her sexy side came out......

This book was a Separate story as such, but there is an undercurrent story continuing from book 1 so would suggest you go meet Cole and Rebecca first.

I'm hoping the next book is Rykers!

4.5 sizzling stars

**I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review**

About the author.....

Karida Clarke is a romance writer with a penchant for anything otherworldly. If it has scales, fur, poisoned talons, throws fire or casts magic spells, it might find its way into her stories. Karida likes her heroines multifaceted and her males swoon-worthy, Alpha-style. She believes that relationships matter more than things and places. In her free time, Karida enjoys lacing up for long runs and cooking ethnic cuisine. Pet peeves include Saran Wrap and people who don’t put their shopping carts away. Karida has an M.A. in English Literature, is a former college English instructor, and currently writes for a small newspaper. She lives with her nerd-tastic husband and two spunky kids in Ohio.

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Book 1 - currently 99p on amazon UK

Book 2 - £2.11 on amazon UK

Still need to read book 3


Phoenix Warrior Ryker is intense, brooding, and insanely hot, but after the murder of his flame bond, he’s also missing a part of his soul. 

Still bent on demon vengeance, Ryker saved a witch from a group of demons months back, but little did he know she wasn’t the victim. After defeating her attempts to take over the human realm, he now seeks her recapture at all costs.

Zhiane, a fierce demon bounty huntress with death and loss in her past as well, is close to achieving her ultimate goal and then settling into retirement. Zhiane strikes a deal with Ryker--in exchange for a few favors, Ryker will have his witch. But when the tasks are completed, neither is sure what the true prize is...

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