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Review post - Record of Wrongs (Redemption County #1) by Sharon Kay - New Release

Record of Wrongs (Redemption County #1)

Do your past mistakes define you forever? 

Cruz Zaffino leaves prison after a serving a decade for a crime he didn’t commit. With his life all over the internet, there’s nowhere he can go to avoid his illicit past. Involved with one of Chicago’s toughest gangs, he made enemies bent on ruining everything he has. Nowhere is beyond their reach. 

Every day, Rosie Marlow lives with the scars from the worst mistake of her life. It’s the one secret she has in her tiny, gossip-fueled town. When Cruz walks into her bar, covered in tattoos and dangerous attitude, she’s captivated. His rough sexuality makes her melt, and his harsh experience calls to her own broken soul. But her story is private and buried so deep, she’s never had the strength to share it. 

She’s the unexpected light to his darkness, yet he knows she’s hiding something. Sultry summer nights in each other’s arms weaken her resistance and taunt her with the idea of forever. But as his adversaries draw close, can she love him enough to let him go? 

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I'm used to fire coming from hands and air and water doing strange things when I read a Sharon Kay book, but this is a bit different its a small town romance.

I really enjoyed both the characthers Rosie and Cruz they are both strong characthers that fill the pages.

Cruz is newly released from a 10-year sentence and has a pure bad boy look, but you soon learn his not all bad - he has a past, not all of it good but he is so much more than his past.

Rosie is a small town girl, she knows almost everyone and her brother is the cop, now if you're thinking she's all sugar and sweet you would be wrong she has a sexy devilish side which I loved.

Their story runs fairly smoothly bar a bump or two, there are many hot moments between the two and multiple sweet moments too. The setting was very picturesque and fun too!

I enjoyed my trip to Redemption County and will look out for more in this series.

4 stars

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