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Untamed Winter by Cassandra Lawson #5star #pnr #review #bk1free


The danger to vampires and shapeshifters continue to grow as a powerful enemy sets their sights on seizing control of the born vampire territory. Aided by strangers from a distant land, they are ready to strike. First, they must help their new allies capture a woman by the name of Winter who can control the elements of nature.

Distant and cold, Winter lives a solitary life, only vaguely resembling the passionate girl of her youth. In the blink of an eye, Winter’s world changes. With no memory of who she is, she is able to discover who she was always meant to be. In the arms of a cougar shapeshifter, who calls her Winn and claims to be her mate, she rediscovers the passion she worked hard to bury. Unfortunately, Winter is also unable to recognize the danger stalking her. Will this new untamed Winter be the destruction or salvation of the leader of the cougar shifters?

Cord let his one true mate walk away over a century ago, a mistake he has regretted since that day. When fate puts Winn in his path again, Cord can’t believe his luck. Even better, she doesn’t remember why they cannot be together. Now that his mate is with him again, Cord will do everything in his power to bind her to him and prove they belong together. He will also go to any lengths to protect her from the enemy determined to use her in their bid for power. Can he protect Winn from her enemies without risking the lives of his clan?


I love this PNR series and this episode will keep you hooked and desperate for more.

Winn and Cord met along time ago, Cord knew she was his mate but did not claim her at the time, this time when she appears he has no intention of letting her go!

Winn is only half shifter, her other side is Mage and she is powerful. Cord is the alpha of the cougar clan, he does a good job keeping things in order, he's a softy underneath his fur and his daughters have him wrapped around their fingers.

Someone is after Winn and everyone wants to step up and protect her, Cord wins the job which gives him and his mate a chance to connect in all ways possible. The two have a lot of catching up to do and take advantage of every opportunity to be intimate. They have a relationship to build and he has to learn his woman is challenging - as every woman should be.

This is in a way a two story book as Vexx is a very strong characther in this book and its fair to say I loved her - her looks are deceiving and she has some powers which she puts to what she thinks is a good cause. We have got to know Jace in previous books and in this book he has a love interest.

I like getting deep into the moon virus series world, it's full of shifters, nymphs, and vampires of all type. This book has a lot going on, but the story unfolds in a controlled way and is all interlinked. This story is mainly based around shifters but don't worry the vamps are involved too, it has a great mix of romance, angst and danger.

I got excited when I read the author notes as she has a few more books planned already - yippee, can't wait.

5 stars


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