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Into the Blue (book 3 in The Blue Crystal Trilogy) by Pat Spence - Review - *Book 1 is Free*


The blue crystal is missing, her friends are dying and the future of the de Lucis family is at risk... 

Yet again, Emily is under threat. But this time she must give up everything she holds dear if she wants to save her friends and family. Is she willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? Is eternal youth still within her grasp? Is a future with Theo still possible or just a dream that is slipping through her fingers? 

The past returns to haunt the present, old secrets and ancient allegiances are revealed, and love combines with tragedy as the story reaches its terrifying conclusion. Tense and compelling, ‘Into The Blue’ is the final book in the ‘Blue Crystal’ trilogy…. 

A glamorous but deadly new enemy emerges and the Fallen Angel returns to exact a terrible revenge. 

My Review

A fabulous conclusion to Emily and Theo's story.

First off I must say you need to read books 1 and 2 first, the author moves the story along without lots of backtracking  of what has happened in previous books, this works for me well in this series.

We dive straight back into where the last book ended, with certain people under the weather and some things missing!

Emily has tough choices to make in this book, she has plans to join Theo in being a Light being but things  don't always go to plan, especially in this book - there's loads of twists and turns - some I never saw coming at all.

There isn't a lot of dating/romance in this book, there is too much else going on for that,  but Emily and Theo do have their relationship tested.

If you love baddies, there are plenty in this book - horrible people eating monsters with sexy smiles.

There is plenty of action in this book, you also get answers to some questions that have been lingering.

The ending - well that would be telling :)

*****5 Stars*****

If you haven't started this series yet, you can grab book 1 for FREE!!!

Blue Moon (The Blue Crystal Trilogy (Book One) 1) 

by Pat Spence 


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