Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Gambling on her Bear by Anna Lowe - Review #PNR #SHIFTERS


Diamond thief falls for burly bear security chief in Vegas. What could possibly go wrong?

Dragon shifter Karen Proulx is in Vegas to hunt down a diamond, not a mate. But the minute she lays eyes on the brown-eyed bear of her dreams, everything changes.

Bear shifter Tanner Lloyd is a man on a mission to save his hometown. He doesn't have time for a wild ride with the beguiling woman who turns his world upside down — especially one who's half witch and a mortal enemy to his clan. But how can he resist the call of destiny, the pull of desire?


Karen and Tanner have met before, they had a spark but both were preoccupied. Karen is after a diamond the vampires have and Tanner is working undercover trying to get money for the bear clan from the vampires - so guess what these two meet up again in difficult circumstances.

Karen is a semi-confident dragon shifter but also has another side, she can shift and glide but is unable to fly.

Tanner is a bear shifter, being a bear his loyal, cuddly and sexy.

They can't help notice they are fated mates - their animal sides are quite vocal. I think maybe the animal side is too vocal for my liking, also their animals just seemed to repeat at times.

The above doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the story of them getting together, it's full of danger and a couple getting to know one another in all ways - so there are some sexy times included.

This isn't a full-length novel, more of a novella. If you love shifters, you'll enjoy this authors latest release.

3.75 stars

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