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A Trust to Follow by Diana Waters

Title: A Trust to Follow
Author: Diana Waters
Genre: Gay Romance, Historical/Fantasy
Length: Novella
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Prince Daymon is an Evoker—possessor of rare and feared magical powers.
When he is captured by bandits who plan to use his gifts for their own benefit he must depend upon his lover to come to his rescue.
Rhyder is captain of Daymon’s personal guard and the legendary ‘Lion of the West’, but can he reach the man he loves before it’s too late?


What are you thinking about?” he asked Rhyder, who had not spoken in several long minutes. Rhyder simply looked at him, and Daymon flushed to think about what they had been doing only earlier that evening, when they were supposed to be resting until it was time to take their turn on watch. Rhyder had smothered Daymon’s cries with his mouth, and Daymon had writhed beneath him, back arching, and—
“Do you suppose Daylor knows?” asked Daymon, mostly to distract himself from the mental image.
Rhyder raised an eyebrow. “Everybody knows,” he said frankly and as Daymon gaped in shock and embarrassment, went on, “Most have likely known for some time. I thought you would have guessed that.”
“That doesn’t bother you?” Daymon asked, once he had recovered enough to speak again.
“No. Should it?”
“Yes! Because you’re… well, you’re Rhyder, and I’m—”
“—A prince,” Rhyder interrupted. “There’s no shame in sex, Daymon, and besides, it is your right to bed whomever you wish. Nobody could object, even if they had reason to.”
“That’s not the point! You could have your pick of anybody you wanted—for God’s sake, the servants probably have some kind of clandestine betting ring going on!”
“The point,” Rhyder said, unfazed, “is that you underestimate your own worth, and lend too much credence to court gossip. People will talk no matter what, but it rarely changes anything. Actions are what shape reality.”
Daymon was still mortified. “I can’t believe the subject of my… of us, is up for public conversation.”
“Perhaps not quite as public as you’re imagining, but yes, I’m sure it’s common knowledge, among the gentry and castle inhabitants at least.” Rhyder’s eyes sparkled mischievously. “Though if it makes you feel any better, they’re probably talking more about certain other things now than they are about our sex life.”

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About the Author

DIANA WATERS is a New Zealander currently living in rural Japan. She has no idea where in the world she’ll be this time next year and is pretty okay with that. Other than reading and writing, her main passions include travel, Japanese pop culture, and competitive swimming.
DIANA WATERS can be found at:

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