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Hell on the Heart by Magical Forces Series “Where Magic and Passion Collide” by Alicia Dawn and Hope Daniels

Magical Forces Series
“Where Magic and Passion Collide”

Everyone has them. Everyone keeps them for various reasons.
As a witch with power over water, Anna wants her secrets to stay in the past where they belong. All she desires is to enjoy the present, but what she thought was buried long ago, has found a nasty way of coming back to bite her.
So hold on tight. Not only is her big bad secret back, but it’s hungry and Anna looks like the perfect entree for dinner.
Pete has secrets of his own. As a Djinn, he is skilled and powerful enough to cajole Anna to tell him hers, although he knows he may have to confess up some of his own deep dark nightmares. When she learns his secrets will she still look at him the same way? Or will she take a chance on what could be? Not that it matters. Pete isn’t ready to let her go. She is his soul mate whether she is ready to admit it or not. He will make her realize they are meant to be together, even if he has to follow her to hell to do so.
Will their secrets destroy what they could be before they have the chance to begin?


Book two in Magical Forces series, this book is all about Anna the witch and Pete the DJion or to you and me a genie!

The book starts soon after book 1, Pete's busy building a home for Zoey and her sexy shifter. Zoey asked Anna to keep an eye on Pete and feed him occasionally.

Anna is still pretending she doesn't like Pete and it is so obvious she does, Pete doesn't really hide that he likes her, but he loves winding her up. As with lots of couples that try to deny the feelings or attraction, so they have lots of sparring matches. I was trying to find a word for Anna... headstrong, feisty, powerful, sexy all suit her. Words to describe our Genie, Alpha male, kinky, caring, strong and very magical and occasionally blue!.

When someone from Anna's past show up, Pete has to step up regardless of protests from Anna that she is fine. When Anna lets her guard down things heat up. I have to say that kitchen table has seen a lot of action.

There comes a time reinforcements have to be called in and a grand rescue set up, but it is so much more complicated than they think....

I love a passionate couple, and when I say passionate I don't just mean the sex and these two fit that bill.

Newt, what can I say - I can't wait for him to be tamed, he's so ruthless, has a slightly evil side or could I say Psychotic but only towards baddies, his book will be fun.

This book is full magic, baddies, passion, angst and danger and a few seriously romantic moments <3

4 stars



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