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The Unravelling by Rebekah Lewis - Review


A year ago, Cadence claimed to have journeyed to Wonderland, but nobody believes her. Melody returns to her childhood home to assist her parents in trying to snap Cadence out of the fantasy she's constructed with Cheshire cats and a heroic knight named Gareth. Only, when Melody follows a white rabbit into the woods, she finds herself in the same place she'd asked Cadence to admit didn't exist.

Very little matters to Hatter aside from tea time and creating things with his hands. After he helps Devrel bring the wrong girl into Wonderland to save Gareth from an arranged marriage, Hatter has no choice but to open his home, and a seat at his tea table, to Melody. Thinking she will undoubtedly leave him as Alice did when he was younger, Hatter tries not to notice his attraction to her even though he cannot seem to look away.

Unbeknownst to them all, Cadence follows her sister down the rabbit hole, but is left to search for Gareth alone. She ventures through the vast Tulgey Wood and realizes danger lurks within the ruins of a kingdom forgotten after the Red Queen executed the Queen of Hearts long ago. Can she warn the people of Wonderland in time, or will she be expelled twice?

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My Review

Tea, you want tea? You will when reading this book, and you'll want to sit at Hatters table too!

Melody is struggling to help her delusional sister through a breakdown, she claims she went to wonderland and met a man called Gareth and fell in love.... She's concerned they will lock her up soon if things don't improve.

Melody is a very rational lady and when she spots something in the garden she goes to investigate, the next thing she knows she's in another world, full of strange creatures and gorgeous men. The men are very quirky to say the least. She soon realised her sister wasn't delusional unless she has the same illness!

The Mad Hatter, his slightly OCD in how he has systems of where people sit and how he likes clothes to be perfect, maybe his a perfectionist, he certainly knows his trade and dresses the most influential people around. 

When he is introduced to Melody he assumes responsibility for her, first he must dress her properly. Melody finds him very strange and seems to enjoy pushing his buttons.

The story is very entertaining, yes it's strange too, it is wonderland after all.

I thoroughly enjoyed my romp in wonderland, Alice wasn't there but was mentioned. The whole of wonderland was shown in a fresh way and the characthers are most definitely more alluring! 

I have read authors other books, and have to say found this a 'clean' read, sex is inferred but not in detail.

My thought on finishing the book....

Mayhap, I fell down a rabbit hole and couldn't escape until the last page was turned. 

4.5 stars 

* I received an ebook for an honest review * 

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