Thursday, 22 October 2015

Stripped with a Vampire by Jax Garren

Stripped with a Vampire

In a world of dark spells and blood ties where no one is safe, love is the most powerful magic of all. 

Shy vampire Charlie never intended to see Vince again after the bad boy human broke his heart. But when Vince turns up beaten and marked for sacrifice to an Aztec God, Charlie will do anything keep him safe. 

Vince has never forgiven himself for the lie that ended things with Charlie. The spark between them is as hot as ever, and Vince would risk body and soul to make it a fire again. But as they hide deeper in Austin’s supernatural society—a world of lies, dark magic, and warring immortals—he finds the path to reconciliation more twisted than he’s ever imagined.

My Review

I've read Jax Garren before and absolutely loved it, and I still really like her writing, it's just this book wasn't what I expected....

The cover gives the impression it's a gay paranormal romance, and don't get me wrong there is a love element running all the way through but it has more of an urban fantasy feel to it.

Charlie is a 300'year old vampire with a strong set morals, he broke up with Vince when he discovered he was stripper, neither of them have ever forget each other, or got over the break up. Vince gets a job, one that goes very wrong and throws Vince deep into the vampire world and back in with Charlie. There's lots of action and characther development.

I should mention this is a first in a series, so some serious world building is done, and done very well. There are some entertaining characthers that will make very interesting main characthers in further books. 

3.5 stars

The book appears to have a new cover now!

* I grabbed a copy of this book from net galley *

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