Thursday, 22 October 2015

He's Captured my Heart by Karen Frances

Book blurb

Like any dutiful Scottish daughter, Libby Stewart puts her family first. She’s spent months helping her brother, a single father, care for his new daughter. The strain of her family commitments led to the painful demise of a two-year relationship. As Libby nurses her broken heart and relishes time with her niece, her father offers her a job managing his hotel. She’s ready to focus on her career and get her life back on track. 

Alexander Mathews, a handsome American businessman who is staying at the hotel, has other plans for Libby. She’s taken aback when she meets Alex. He strikes her as arrogant and domineering, but regardless, the sexual tension between them is palpable. Libby fancies herself a good girl, but Alex quickly seduces her. Libby finds she is soon addicted to the passion she feels in Alex’s skilful hands.

Libby has never been so confused. Who is Alex Mathews, really? An international playboy, or truly the man of her dreams? When a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend turns violent and she questions Alex’s loyalty to her, Libby must decide if she wants to let this charismatic stranger from across the pond truly capture her heart.

My Review

First off I really like how we get introduced to Libby, she's an independent, strong woman, she also cares for her family deeply, they live in Scotland and run a successful hotel.

Alex is an American businessman, he has business with Libby's dad and will be staying at the hotel that Libby has took over as manager.

At first i found Alex a tad rude, his first move was out of order and to be honest I hadn't felt the attraction between them at that time. He soon grew on me, for some reason I imagined him as a David Gandy lookalike! Alex and Libby spend a lot of time together and soon develop feelings for one another, they can't keep there hands off each other! 

One of the things I liked about Alex was he didn't flash money about, it was obvious he had plenty and he was very confident, he was very warm and touchy with Libby, - cute touches like rubbing her arm or tender kisses. ❤️ 

Having visited the area where story is based it made it more enjoyable. If you haven't been to Scotland the author gives you a flavour of what your missing.

All new relationships have issues, especially when that start fast and get deep quickly. 

I enjoyed the authors writing and when I turned to last page I was like no......

Could there relationship be anymore? Who knows, will have to wait for next book. 

**I was gifted a copy for an honest review**

** Four Stars **

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