Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Kale Alpha by Jessa Ely #Review #Teasers #PNR

The Kale Alpha
by Jessa Ely 


The Marked is coming.

Levi has heard this a million times, but as Alpha, chooses to ignore it. Yet when he finds a Fae near death, she draws out his protective instincts.

Shayla hopes the wolf pack will find her, as she wishes for a swift death. She aches to escape her marching kill the Kale Alpha.

Evil casts a dark shadow over the magical world, and no one is safe. Only the Kale Alpha holds the key to reversing the past against a new dictatorship, but will he discover the power to do so in time? Shayla and Levi must fight demonic forces or lose everything…


I know Jessa Ely better as Beth Mikell, as I read and loved her Nysein series.

If you've read the blurb you'll know this is about shifters and fae, that's enough to grab my attention.

Levi is the alpha of his pack, he took over from his dad.  Levi comes across as a firm leader.  

Shayla is fae, she has quite a back story and is on a mission she does not want, she wants death - swift as possible.

When Levi finds a near death fae in the woods he feels an instant connection and no advice from his pack to leave her to die is getting through - he takes her to his compound for his resident fae to heal.

This story has instant attraction/connection/love which is expected with fated mates. 

Levi is a passionate man and Shayla finds this out when she is healed, she tries her best to say no but the pull to mate is hard to resist.  Some sexy times are shared.

I enjoyed Levi and Shayla's story, it has a great mix of paranormal entities, a nasty baddie and a new loved up couple getting to know each other.  It's fair to say I loved the ending of this story.

4 stars

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