Wednesday, 25 January 2017

ARC Review - No Life But This by Brenda Margriet

No Life But This


Abigail Garsson feels trapped in her safe, boring, conventional life. Desperate to escape, she signs up for an adventure vacation on the Portuguese island of San Miguel.

Santos Carregado enjoys introducing tourists to his tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic. At first he barely notices the unassuming Abigail. He soon finds her meek exterior hides a vibrant woman who teases his senses and ignites his passion.

Abigail is stunned to discover the handsome, confident Santos is attracted to her, but his fiery kisses and searing caresses convince her to accept a sensuous invitation.

Will the realities of life shatter Abigail's holiday daydream? Or can the shifting sands of a short-term fling become the rock on which a life-long relationship is built?


I really enjoy this author writing, she creates warm and rounded characthers that feel real.

This story is based in the beautiful sounding Azores, I have never been but after reading this book I definitely fancy visiting.

Abigail is at a turning point, she needs space to find herself so chooses the Azores, and to add to the experience she books an adventure holiday.

Santos and his family run an adventure holiday experience, he sees new people every week, being a looker he has his pick of the women looking for a quick fling.

Abigail and Santos develop a friendship as he guides her through the many exciting activities and it's not long until this turns into more of an attraction.  Being attracted to a woman who has a boyfriend and is also a customer is not advised so the pair have to try and hold off their passions.

I found the relationship developed at a satisfying pace and when they 'got together' it was sexy but the scenes weren't overdone, you get to use your imagination a little.

Stunning location and warm characthers and a story perfect for a holiday read or cosy afternoon on the sofa! 

I really enjoyed this book and will be looking at more books from this author. 

4.5 stars


About the Author

Brenda Margriet write contemporary romances with heroes you'd meet at the grocery store. And by that she means real-life men – sexy, smart and looking for the love of their life. Her heroines are bold, savvy and determined to accept nothing less than the man they deserve.

A voracious reader since she was old enough to hold a book, Brenda's idea of the perfect holiday involves a comfortable chair near the water (ocean, lake or pool will do), a glass of wine, and a full-loaded e-reader.

She lives in Northern British Columbia with her husband (as well as various finny and furry pets) and has three adult children. Find out more about Brenda on her website


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