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Take Me With You Author by Nina G. - Dark Romance


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Book Title: Take Me With You Author: Nina G. Jones 
Genre: Dark Romance 
Release Date: October 17, 2016 
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I watch.
I study.
I prowl.
I hunt.

I always go in with a plan. A set of rules for myself. I don’t take unnecessary risks. That’s how I’ve been able to evade capture all these years.

But there’s something about this girl that is different than the others. When I finally meet her, the rules become a blur. And I break the most important one of all—I take her with me.


It’s just my imagination—that feeling of being watched. That those icy eyes— a vivid turquoise with a distinct golden fleck—aren’t watching me.

It’s just stress. I am the person everyone relies on. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling so content with my life lately. Why I dream those eyes belong to someone who can tear me away from all of my responsibilities.

But these are just shameful fantasies, never meant to breach reality.

Then one night, the dream comes true, only it’s a horrific nightmare.

Now, I only have one task: survival.





Sam is a Psycho, pure and simple no need for pleasantries. He stalks families and then makes their life hell for one night, raping the women and beating the men. If you have trigger issues this is not a book for you - it is just like a criminal minds episode but with a twist the captor falls for the beast......................

Sam has been salivating to get at Vesper and it is all going well until it goes wrong and Vesper does what she has to, to protect her family.

Vesper has had fantasies of being with a dominate man, but there's a difference between being with a dominate man and being a prisoner who is locked up and used. Yes he feeds and washes her but that's as far as his good side goes in my mind. I know he hadn't had an easy childhood but his behaviour is unforgivable to me. I'm sure Vesper was suffering from Stockholm syndrome, its the only explanation.

I love a dark read, and have been happy for some baddies to get their happy endings but I can't say I agree with Sam being happy ever after, he needs locking up, especially after the things he does later in the book.

Vesper needs her head testing, how can she be with him and love him knowing what he's done, how does she ever feel safe? Yes his handsome and ripped but his still a psycho to me. 

Now here's the BUT moment, I found the book compelling and had to read it to the end. The author writes a good book with intriguing characthers. 

Test your dark and twisted side and see if you would forgive Sam.

3.5 stars
meet the author
Nina G. Jones is the author of seven full-length novels of various romance and erotica sub-genres. Her latest novel, Take Me With You, releases on October 17th.

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