Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hunt (The Grizzly Brothers Chronicles Book 1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy - Review


There's a new Alpha in town and he just found his mate, she just doesn't know it yet.

Welcome to Crestview, Montana. Population ~1000 and not all of those are human.

After his brother is murdered, Ian must step up to become Alpha of his bear shifter pack. At the same time law student Mara shows up in town, and Ian knows she’s destined to be his mate. 

When a rival pack lays claim to Mara, Ian and his brothers will stop at nothing to protect her.

*New Adult Paranormal Romance*

My Review

A new shifter series and they are bears <3

Ian is the new Alpha in town, its a small town with lots of shifters living amongst humans. There's a new human in town! her name is Mara and she has caught Ian the new alpha's attention.

Mara is trying to find some space, she has lost her only relative and now her only friend is Connor who has disappeared since she arrived in Crestview. Connor is family friend and she is supposed to be working with him on a legal case well when ever he returns she will.

Ian isn't a big oath, his got all the right attributes and tries to be gentleman around Mara - that's not easy when he has realised she is his perfect mate - now to win her over and gently introduce her to his bear and the shifter world.

I liked both our main characthers, Ian isn't grizzly at all even if it is his surname - his very affectionate and caring - he has a lot of brothers that all seem to be entertaining and I can see them having a story of their own sometime. Mara is slightly guarded but she is unable to resist the attraction between her and Ian. She has a surprise or two ahead of her too.

The storyline is developed at a good pace, little pieces of intrigue are introduced here and there to keep things interesting BUT we don't get a HEA in this book its a CLIFFY and I now need to get my hands on book 2 as I need to know more.

Yes, this has caught my attention - I love shifters and Bears are one of favourites along with wolves.

4 vampy and racey stars

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