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How The Warrior Fell by Nicole Rene


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Book Title: How The Warrior Fell 
Author: Nicole Rene 
Genre: Historical Romance, Dark Historical Romance 
Release Date: July 18, 2016 
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SHE was the Chief's daughter in a small tribe...

To bring an end to an ancient feud between her tribe and another, Leawyn's hand in marriage to Chief Xavier was the only way to ensure peace.

HE was the fiercest warrior of them all...

Plucked from everything she's ever known, and bound to a man she hates, Leawyn must learn to be strong. Each passing day renews Leawyn's longing to escape, but when a new threat from a mysterious foe puts the tribes in jeopardy, everything changes...including her feelings for Xavier.

Bound between duty and honor, Leawyn must make the decision that could change everything. Can she stay and accept her new life, and her husband? Or is Xavier's heart too cold for her to melt?

Lines will be broken.

Blood will be shed.

With love being their biggest battle of all, only time will tell, if it will be make her warrior fall.

Blood will be shed.

With love being their biggest battle of all, only time will tell, if it will be make her warrior fall.


If you are a fan of The Vikings show or like historical clan based reads this is a book for you.  

Apparently this is the author's debut novel, all I can say is wow and well done I really enjoyed this book.

Leawyn is betrothed the leader of another clan, she hasn't met him and doesn't want to marry him.

Xavier is to marry a girl called Leawyn, his not bothered but is going through with it - his a warrior not a husband.

What can I say Xavier is horrible to Leawyn, treats her like property and forces himself on her, leaves her with marks too...... So how could i possibly like this man?  I didn't for a long while, everytime I thought he was becoming human and seeing the beautiful gift he had in Leawyn he put his walls up and treated her bad again.   

Leawyn, she gets treated badly by her new husband, but she is strong and sticks around determined she can make a dent in his armour and make him care.  She even starts to yearn for his rough sex and enjoy it.  She is a strong characther, she isn't soft and just takes it, she lets him know he has hurt her and I really wanted her to find happiness.

I did find it difficult to read how badly he treated her, but he showed that he cared in other ways - does that mean he should be forgiven?? difficult.  He does eventually see his mistakes and its wonderful to see the change, he will always be a warrior though and aggressive when needed or scared for or by the ones he loves.

The story has battles, betrayal and strong supportive characthers.  the book moved at a good pace and I really enjoyed this authors work, I'm not even into historical books normally.

A recommended read and I will be adding book 2 to my to be read list.

*I received an arc from the author in return for an honest review

4 Stars





meet the author
Nicole René is a San Diego native living with her grumpy kitty, Sebastian.

When she’s not busy creating sexy alpha males, you can most likely find her with her nose stuck in a book reading OTHER sexy alpha males, kicking back with her friends and family, at the movies, or further fueling her “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lord of the Rings” obsession.

She is a certified klutz, often tripping over invisible objects, dropping things like they were hot, and playing ping-pong with the walls. She has lots of tattoos, loves to eat sushi (but hates eating cooked fish), hates going to the beach (even though she’s surrounded by them), and is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter to come in the mail.
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