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Fighting Shadows (A Shadow World Novel Book 3) by Julieanne Lynch - includes Review - Links to book 1 which is FREE!

Fighting Shadows 

(A Shadow World Novel Book 3)

by Julieanne Lynch 

Writing my review for this book made me want to start this series all over again, if only I could find the time!


Giselle Bergman has had to contend with a slew of misgivings from the moment she stepped into the shadow world. Thrust into a dark, twisted world, she’s had to fight for everything she believes in. Though Alex has done everything in his power to tear her world asunder, she refuses to give up everything she holds dear.
Forced to confront the evil that now surrounds her, Giselle sets foot in Hell. A world controlled by the darkest of entities, survival is almost impossible. Despite this fact, she’ll do everything possible to save her beloved son, Kaden. Her wit is soon tested beyond measure at every turn.
Alongside her closest companion, Antoine, she does her best to keep her sanity intact. Battling adversity every step of the way, Giselle realizes that nothing is as it seems. If she’s to succeed in righting all wrongs, she’ll have to find it within herself to put an end to her enemy’s wicked schemes. Only then, will she bring closure to a story that catapulted her from her once ordinary life to a world that’s darker and faster than anything she ever imagined.

My Review

Fabulous conclusion to a great series.  

I loved this series from book 1 when Alex broke my heart.....  A lot has happened since then and this book is full of twists and turns and leaves you with a HFN as in their world a HEA is asking a lot.

Giselle has grown so much through the books and has gone through so much!  I thought it was fab how she utilised her powers on them that wanted something of her or her son.  I believe she was able to control her powers better due to her maternal feelings.  I really liked how she wanted to see them suffer  and they all got their comeuppance - go Giselle. <3  She also gains some lightness, she gets fed of drama and makes light of it.

Antoine has always been the only one who wanted Giselle for being herself.   He is truly swoon worthy and doesn't disappoint you in this book, in fact you will swoon even more. 

Onto Alex....... nasty, dark Alex who upset me so much in book 1, does he redeem himself???  Well Im not saying but believe it or not some other people are even more evil than Alex, enough said....

This is a series for YA upwards, I was hooked from book 1 and if there is more books I will be the first to add them to my TBR.

5 I love Antoine, and Giselle is awesome stars.


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