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Review - Redemption: Reckless Desires (Blue Moon Saloon Book 3) by Anna Lowe #soren #recklessdesires #annalowe #shifters

Redemption: Reckless Desires (Blue Moon Saloon Book 3) 

by Anna Lowe 

Book Blurb

What will it take for this weary warrior to redeem his lonely soul? 
Bear shifter Soren Voss lives and breathes for the new clan he leads as alpha. It’s all he has left after the rogue ambush that murdered the woman he loved — the woman he swears he’ll always love, even if it’s only in his dreams. But the day his dream comes true is also the start of a nightmare, because his destined mate may no longer be his and his alone. Is it fate’s way of torturing him or his last chance at redemption? 

Sarah Boone narrowly escaped the inferno that claimed her family and her home. For months now, she’s been on the run with a secret that will soon be impossible to hide. But the clock is ticking, and she needs a place to settle down soon. She never expected to find the love of her life running a funky little place called the Blue Moon Saloon. He’s darker and more dangerous than ever, but somehow more vulnerable, too. Does she have it in her to be the woman her world-weary warrior needs most of all? 

Behind the doors of the Blue Moon Saloon, alpha shifters confront their darkest fears and their deepest desires. Each book is a complete standalone story — no cliffhangers! 

* A paranormal romance with adult content. The perfect read for fans of strong heroines, alpha heroes, werewolves and shapeshifters, red-hot cowboys, romantic westerns, paranormal suspense, action-adventure romance, and fantasy romance! *


Soren has featured through all the other couples stories, so his book has been building slowly. In the end of book 2 Soren got a surprise the love of his life was alive and well, very well indeed, she was pregnant - his bear did a happy dance, but the man stormed off. 
Sarah was presumed dead, even though I expected her to appear at some point. She is a really nice calm characther, she is scared, she's being chased by a group who want to hurt her but doesn't really know why. She's arrived at Blue Moon saloon and its the safest place for her to be.
Soren struggles to be near her to begin with, but with Jess and Janna mooning over her its an impossible task keeping away, she's in the cafe, in the bar, in the apartment and now in his office!
Sarah isn't pushing herself onto Soren, she wants to press her body to his but just doesn't quite know how he feels.
Sarah is his mate so its only a matter of time until they finally get together.
I really enjoyed this book, Soren the big moody bear gets his women and I'm happy about that.
ARC Review
4.5 stars


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