Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Captive's Kiss by Sharon Kay #pnr

The steamy intrigue and danger of the Watchers continues in this novella, book three in the series.

It was only supposed to be one hookup. One hot night to ease the mating urge of his race’s fertile period.
But after scorching, up-against-the-wall sex in a darkened club, Tanner can’t get Saige out of his mind. And when he spots her the next day, in league with an enemy, he’s determined to uncover more about her than her delectable curves.
Saige knows Tanner is one of the good guys. And that’s why she can never see him again.
Her life has crumbled into a horrific turmoil, forced to aid criminals in kidnapping men for bloody arena fights. Held against her will, she has no hope of escape from her captors.
Determination rages through Tanner until he tracks Saige down. But rescuing her from her jailers’ sadistic whims means entering her underground hell. Posing as her victim and locked in a cell, he must find a way to save them both before he is pushed into a fight to the death.

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Captives kiss by Sharon kay 

Tanner is a watcher, he goes off to visit Hades nightclub in the 'heat season' while there he meets Saige and they get jiggy. They don't expect to see each other again but while on a mission Tanner runs into Saige and his curiosity is peeked, his determined to find out why she's so elusive. 

I love lash demons they're so macho and Tanner is no different, they're also quite the gentleman until the lady gives the go ahead then they're all man! 

This is a short read but makes me want more lash demons now.

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