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When Time Falls Still by Brenda Margriet - Review

When Time Falls Still by Brenda Margriet


Professor Charlotte Girardet is focused on one thing – securing tenure at a large, prestigious university.

Her career is firmly on track, but her life is complicated by her attraction to rough and rugged security guard Justice Cooper. It isn't only Charlotte's heart in danger, however. Tensions blaze on campus after several students are viciously attacked.

Struggling to balance her ambitions and her growing passion, Charlotte takes a leap of faith, and trusts Justice with her deepest secret. As they attempt to redefine their relationship, Charlotte is kidnapped by the assailant that has plagued the university. Trapped and tormented, Charlotte must use all her ingenuity and strength to escape her attacker. Will she have the chance to decide between her long-held dreams or a new life with Justice?

My Review

I loved this book, I haven't had much time to read this week and have been desperate to continue this book, it's a gentle but passionate romance with added suspense that pulled me in.

Charlotte works at the university teaching English and specialises in poetry, its only a stop gap, she has big plans for her career. She is a quiet woman, keeps to herself and works very hard.

Justice, I loved him, I want to grab him and take him away with me - sorry hubby! He's a large man, he isn't the perfect looking man, he has some scars but as a person his as perfect as he could be - strong, cuddly, caring, doting dad, sexy, has a beard, takes care of himself, he has a personality that really comes across well - I feel like I really know him! He works as a security guard at the university and takes advantage of this by sitting in on courses that interest him.

When Justice first see's Charlotte he doesn't think I want her straight away, he befriends her and they grow closer, very close and that's when we start to see more of Charlotte, see shows her sexy side and slowly opens up. I enjoyed seeing her warm up, she has been career minded for so long its hard for her to see off the path she has planned, Justice has a subtle but forward way of making her see there's more to life than work.

Max is Justices son and his a cute kid, there's also Chaucer, his a big dog and a large part of Justices life and features all through the book.

Its a gentle romance to start with, but it's certainly not a slow read it has lots going on and the author drops in here and there revelations that make you go 'what, 'didn't see that coming' - I really enjoyed the authors style of writing, she describes things well and the book flowed perfectly for me.

I'm sure it's safe to say there is a happy ending, I had a few tears in my eyes at the end of the book, Happy tears.

I'll definitely be reading more of this authors books and can happily recommend this book to others.

Five star 

*I was gifted a copy of the book from the author for an honest unbiased review


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