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Review - Knight of Wands (Knights of the Tarot Book 1) by Nina Mason

                                 Knight of Wands 

                            (Knights of the Tarot Book 1) 

by Nina Mason 


Paranormal Investigator Vanessa Meadows believes in every kind of magic except love.

When her new boss sends her on an assignment to remote Caithness, Scotland, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to prove the Vampire of Barrogill is more than a legend. First, however, she must get inside the castle where the entity is believed to dwell.

Castle Barrogill belongs to Callum Lyon, a handsome baron and reclusive political astrologer. Their strong mutual attraction proves a boon to Vanessa’s plans, but, once inside his castle, she encounters more paranormal activity than she bargained for. There’s no vampire, but there is a blood-drinking faery knight—and a ghost who will stop at nothing to keep her there. Will freedom-loving Vanessa’s feelings for Callum, coupled with nudges from the other side, be enough to persuade her to give him a chance? Or will the dark secrets of Castle Barrogill only reinforce her unwillingness to put her faith in the power of love?

Note: This is a significant revision of the book formerly published as Starry Knigh


Vanessa has abilities, she can see spirits and converse with them.  she has a new job as a paranormal  investigator,  her  boss is sending her to pictures Scotland to check out a castle.  the castle owner is Callum.  Vanessa is determined on finding answers and even bedding Callum - not because she has too, she wants to,  his hot and she has a high sex drive.

Callum, has long blonde hair, he is charming, speaks in an old-fashioned way when it suits him, he enjoys and needs sex due to being a paranormal being - he has enemies so is always on the lookout for predators,  just happens this one is smouldering and may just steal more than his secret.

The character's are really engaging and draw you into the book. The storyline is interesting, there's lots of talk of star signs as Callum is an astrologer and has published books about his astronomy and love.  It feels like you've stepped into Scotland when they go. off exploring - it's well described.

These two are pulled together by sexual attraction, but spending time together melts the ice protecting these singletons hearts.  Trouble is going by their star signs they have no chance, Callum's sign has him as an all in, romantic lover or nothing, whereas Vanessa is flighty and independent - could they have a chance of happiness.

The romance is sweet and seriously passionate and sexy.  There is another storyline going through the book that adds to the whole read.

An engrossing read that has some twists that will surprise you.  I can't see you not liking Callum his the whole package. 

I'm going straight into the next book.

5 stars

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