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Sins Against the Sea by Nina Mason

If the merfolk were real, imagine how they might feel about the way we humans treat the ocean. That was my premise for Sins Against the Sea, a story deeply steeped in the mythology and folklore of the Scottish isles.

--Nina Mason, author

Title: Sins Against the Sea
Author: Nina Mason
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Mythology
Heat Level: Moderately steamy
Format: Kindle and Paperback

Cordelia Parker, an oil company spokeswoman, has never believed in magic, despite her late mother’s fanciful stories. Then, during an oil spill in Scotland’s mysterious Minch, her reality is shattered when she stumbles upon a merman in a hidden cave. Even more shocking, she feels the same soul-level connection to him she felt for the ocean before it claimed both her parents.

A fish out of water in his sexist culture, Cuan feels a powerful attraction to Cordelia, but, because she knows what he is, he is duty-bound to kill her. If humankind discovers the Blue Men of the Minch are real, they will destroy them the way they destroy the ocean, whose abundance belongs at once to all and none. Thus, the only way he can have a life with her is to prove she is more than she appears, trust her with his secrets, and give up his undersea world.

With so many obstacles to overcome, they will need a miracle to be together…or maybe just a splash of ancient island magic.


Nina hits the mark again with this tale of mermen, I was deeply submerged in this book and didn't want to come up for air.

Cuan is a merman and is being pushed to blood bond with his best friend.  Mating season is upon him, and for a few months he will sprout legs and can go and fornicate with land dwellers, something he is looking forward too.

Cory, she works for the same oil company her father was working for when he died.  Her next stop is an isle of Scotland where an oil ship has leaked, she has to go and do damage control, not something she is completely comfortable with - she wanted to be a marine biologist.

When she goes out for a wander she comes across 'kew-in', I love how it's spelled that way when she says his name.  Cuan is in a bad way and unable to help himself, Cory is frightened at first, she has never seen a merman, she has heard of them but didn't believe - until now.  Helping Cuan clean the oil from his body, clears his sickness but also builds a connection between these two.

Cuan is a multi-layered man and his very attracted to Cory and needs to see her again for a couple of reasons that I'm not sharing......

"she was perfect in every way but three....." - Cuan

Cory is a caring and passionate person, she can't resist jumping into bed with Cuan and she's very inquisitive into how his body works - I would describe him as ever ready!

Nina has a way of writing in explanation for your questions just as they pop in your head and it always flows in the story.  Her writing shows she does a lot of research into her stories.

This book brings up eco issues but it's about love and the merging of two species into a relationship.

A thoroughly enjoyable read. 

4 stars

Here’s more about the author of Sins Against the Sea:

Nina Mason is an incurable romantic who strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten. She has one series out at present, Royal Pains, which follows a Scottish duke and duchess through the events of the Restoration period.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ms. Mason currently lives with her family in Woodstock, Georgia. When she isn't writing, she works as a consultant for Pure Romance, a line of relationship-enhancement products. Nina combines author readings with in-home Pure Romance parties. She also does Pure Romance parties on Facebook. For more information, email her at

Nina is the author of two other series: Royal Pains, an erotic historical romp set in the Restoration era, and Knights of the Tarot, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy featuring shapeshifting faery heroes and various forms of divination.

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