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Drake by J K Snow - Blog Tour - Review


When Summer Oliver returns to her hometown busted up and hoping her brother can hid her, she has no idea he is staying with Drake Avery. The one man she has always wanted.

Now hiding from The Ravens, a biker gang that is determine to find her, it will be up to her and some of the Avery brothers to protect her. Drake is shocked when he finds the one woman he has always had feelings for in his house and completely broken. He will do anything to protect her, even if that means killing the men that are hunting her. Summer has always been considered a kid sister to the Avery boys but Drake is about to change that title. She will be his.

My Review

Love these Avery men!

Book 2 of the Avery Wolves series. Theses books average around 90 pages so are quick and enjoyable reads.

Summer has run back to her hometown where her brother lives, she's in danger thanks to an ex-boyfriend. She's not in good shape she's been beaten by a bike gang.

Drake is pleased to see Summer but horrified at her current state and wants desperately to protect her. 

Drake and Summer have fancied each other for a while, Drake is summers brothers best friend so it is a difficult situation. Summer denies her feelings but Drake can smell her desire - he's a wolf!

They finally get it on and its hot, but straight after I was chuckling to myself - you'll have to read the book to find out why.

There's danger and angst and a budding romance in this book.

A good read - bring on the next Avery brother.

4 stars 

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