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Discovered (Forsaken by Blood Series) by Em Taylor - Review and Excerpt

Book Blurb
Lachlan Ethelred Mackenzie looks like an ordinary sexy university professor, but for over a millennium, he’s been one of a number of his kind trying to steer humanity towards the heavens. But humans are slow and stubborn. 
It’s been a long slow journey since the spaceship from Vampyras experienced technical difficulty near Earth in 1006 and the Vampyrs had to abandon ship, and learn to survive on a planet filled with primitive beings. 
It’s now 2061, and humanity is heading to Mars - perhaps now the Vampyrs can research space folding technology away from prying human eyes. 
Psychologist, Doctor Kate Maxwell is excited about going to Mars—except for one thing - she’s terrified of the journey. A space accident when she was twelve has left her with PTSD and a fear of space travel. But when the handsome Professor, Lachlan Mackenzie becomes her cabin mate she finds herself falling for him all too easily. But why is he so reticent? He’s cute, single and seems altogether perfect. 
Things are getting complicated for Lachlan. He’s falling for the sexy red-headed psychologist, his long-lost daughter is on board the spaceship to Mars and she has no clue what or who he is and it seems that the leader of the Vampyr council is plotting something. Lachlan has too many secrets and too many problems. And Kate is the only thing he wants. Can he keep his hands and his fangs away from her? Does he want to? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 
All hell is about to break loose. 
This book contains scenes of an adult nature. 


 I was asked if I would like to review this book and the blurb sounded great, but you always wonder when it's a new author to you - will it be all it sounds… Well this book was great, read it one day, when I took a break for a shower I was thinking about the characthers and what may happen next, or maybe was something to do with a very hot voyeuristic shower scene!

This book starts in Edinburgh, I've visited the city and it's always a bonus if you've visited the setting as you, of course it is not necessary just means you think to yourself I know where that is.

Well the book is mainly set in 2061 and a new colony is being set up on Mars, it only take 3 weeks to get there in 2061 due to new technology, Lachlan is heading there as are around 500 others. Included in that number is Kate and she is Psychologist, she suffers from PTSD due to losing her dad 18 years before in a space travel accident. Lachlan isn't sure she's right for the trip so decides to check her out. Upon meeting her he knows she has to go to Mars and his willing to help her. Lachlan is instantly drawn to Kate and I think it's mutual, His very alpha and caring and Kate is very sassy and forthright. One thing she doesn't know is that his a Vampyra.

Vampyras, Lachlan and his friends love blood, but they also like food and coffee! He doesn't Sparkle and looks completely human. Lachlan isn't a paranormal creature though he's an Alien! I loved the background story to his kind and the comradery he shared with fellow vamps.

The two main characters are really interesting in their own right but quite early in the book there are little twists being added into the story. In some ways there's 3 on this relationship - Meg, she’s like a head vampyra she is strong and feisty is one way to describe her, Lachlan sees’s her as a sister type figure, Kate sees her as a bitch! Oh my word these two really fire off each other, even when Kate knows she's a vampyra and strong she still pushes her buttons.

Lachlan and Kate are bunked together and in the 3 weeks traveling to Mars a lot happens. Kate is no wall flower and tells him she wants him in bed, his such a gentleman in some ways and makes her and us wait. No worries though they eventually do the deed and once they've had a taste of each other they can't get enough. There's lots of story and relationship development in that period and you will find their discussions very entertaining and amusing, Kate has a way with words.

This book mixes many genres and will appeal to vampire fans along with sci-fi and erotica fans. This author actually writes historical romance too and it was fun seeing some of that mingled in parts of the book, well Lachlan is over 1000 years old, he just looks like a 30-year-old sex god.

I'm really glad to have had the chance to read this book, I love it when I have to read a book in one day and will definitely be reading book 2, I imagine it will be another characthers book but hope these two get a big cameo part.

5 alien vampy star

Blood spurted everywhere. Kate squealed as it hit her face and dripped onto her chest, arms, and hands. It ruined her dress, but she had no time to think about that now. His eyes had turned a dark silver colour, almost like sparkling granite.“You shouldn’t have done that, Kate.” His voice was a deep growl, and his teeth were covered in blood—his fangs still visible as he grinned wolfishly at her. Lachlan placed the half full bag into an empty coffee mug and surveyed the damage. “I’m a Vampyr. You know I can’t just let you wash blood down the drain. It’s almost sacrilegious.”He lifted the hand which she had used to squeeze the bag and surveyed it, licking his lips before he sucked her index finger slowly into his mouth. She held her breath as the sensation pulled at her core. His rough tongue worked around the digit, and his eyes sparked with pleasure before he closed them and moaned. She squirmed on her seat atop his lap. When he opened his mouth extending his tongue between her other fingers and licking, her breath hitched.“Lachlan.” Her voice was just a whisper.The Vampyr pulled her finger out of his mouth and stroked his tongue up a large dark red globule which ran from her ring finger almost to her wrist.“Delicious.” His lips closed around her wrists as his fangs gently scraped her pulse point, and this time he groaned, bucking his hard erection against her pliant body. He pressed kisses along a blood trail which ran up her arm until he reached the crease of her elbow. There Lachlan nipped the skin with his fangs. Not enough to break the skin, but enough to make her want more—enough to make her want him to impale himself on her somewhere, somehow.“Please,” she begged.“So impatient,” he said mildly, turning to the back of her hand and kissing off yet more blood. “You spilled the blood, my darling. You must suffer the clean-up process. And I’m a very thorough eater.”Kate’s agitation was immense. She needed Lachlan in the same way she needed her next breath. The blood, the vampirism, the whole alien thing, the fangs—none of it mattered. She cupped his face and pressed her lips to his. He tried to pull away but she refused to let go. The metallic taste of blood was strange initially, but once he stopped trying to pull away, stopped trying to shield her from the realities of who and what he was, and relaxed into the kiss, the taste of blood became less pronounced. It became part of the taste of Lachlan.And the Vampyr knew how to kiss. Clearly a millennium of practice had its advantages. He teased her tongue with his, flicking and licking, exploring every part of her mouth while keeping her need at a manageable level. Again, he took his time. His hands did not stray away from the cheeks of her butt, though his fingers had burrowed underneath her knicker elastic and every so often he gave it a delightful little snap.Lachlan seemed to have some kind of instinct for exactly what she needed and wanted. His hard, jean-encased cock lay nestled between his stomach and her own lace-covered pussy.Kate pulled her mouth away from his and offered the Vampyr her neck. For a moment, she felt a thrill as she wondered how it would feel to have his fangs sink into her jugular. But as soon as his hot breath wafted over her skin, she tensed.“Not this time, my love,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to her pulse point. His old fashioned words sounded strange but right. “You’ve won. I’m going to fuck you, but you’re definitely not ready for me to bite you.”His kiss turned into a lick as he traced the vein up to her jawline. Then he nibbled along to her earlobe before sinking his fang gently into the soft flesh. She tugged at his hair and squeezed her thighs. God she was going to drown in the sensations this alien was dragging from her. And they were both still fully clothed. She was going to die of pleasure when she got his hands on her bare flesh.Lachlan was moving his lips back down her neck to her collar bone. He had her still damp hair held in one hand, pulling her head back as he lapped at a small pool of blood in the small indentation there. Then he licked it clean and dropped a gentle kiss before tugging at the neck of her dress.“For a dress that shows so much arse, it doesn’t give much away in the cleavage department,” he complained. But as he unzipped the back with ease, Kate watched, fascinated as he placed one canine over a large bloodstain just at the top of her right breast. The blood drained into the eye-tooth like water being blotted into a towel.“That’s amazing,” she said.Lachlan moved his hands onto her hips and thrust his hard cock against her, moaning softly and smiling. He gazed at her through hooded lids.“No, honey. That’s just an evolutionary necessity. How you feel against me when I do this, even while we still have clothes on…now that’s amazing.”He placed his hands on her shoulders to pull off her unzipped dress but she stopped him.“No. Your t-shirt first.”“What?”“Take off your t-shirt.”“Why?”“Because you don’t get to call all the shots, Mr. Vampyr.”“That’s Professor Vampyr to you.”

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