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Step by Step by Natalie Wrye - Review Post

Step by Step by Natalie E Wrye

I’ve simplified my life into a three-part process:

I binge—I fuck—I come…until I come to my senses.

That’s what my world has been ever since she came into my life. 
And I was perfectly content with it staying that way…
Until I actually met her.

Mouthy dancer.
Blonde bombshell.

My best friend’s soon to be sister-in-law.

Enemies before we’d ever laid eyes on each other, we were a match made in Hell—a cautionary tale of how not to get along.

But when the spark between us sets our passions ablaze, how do we prevent the unexpected matches from turning our flame into aninferno?

My Review


This is round 1 of 3, it's a cat and mouse game between Lucas and Elena and it's fun to read. 

We met these characthers briefly In Paradise Forbidden, we get to know them much better in this Series. Somehow Lucas has been drawn into organising an engagement party for his friend with the help of his friends fiancee's sister Elena, it's a pain, she's a pain, she even winds him up about liking Coldplay - now that's cheeky!! As much as she winds him up, he can't help wondering what she's like, he knows her sisters hot but his only ever spoken to Elena on the Phone. 

Elena, is a feisty, strong, determined and fun, I really liked her, she's enjoyed her conversations with Lukas, especially the time they Skyped......

Now it's time to meet at the party, it's such fun, it's so obvious they burn for each other, who will give in first that's the question.

This is an entertaining and fun read with characthers that you'll love. I'm lucky as I have round 2 to start straight away but then I'll have to wait until end of month for last round - can't wait to see these two soften there hardened shells. 

4.25 stars 

Also Part 2 Hour by Hour is out now 

Book Blurb

My head says, “Fuck Lukas Griffin.” 
My clitoris says, “Go ahead!”   

I gave in to him, submitted myself to our fiery passion… and it blew up in my face. 

I can’t afford to do this again—not when he holds all the cards. Not when he makes all the rules.   

He’s lured me into a game—a game I’ve never played. 
A dangerous one.  

And if I raise the stakes and place another bet on him, will he burn me again?

My Review

Arc review

Lukas and Elena part 2 of 3, the games people play.....

These two are trying to convince themselves they don't need to see one another again, but there's a passion burning between them neither can ignore and luckily there's another party coming up where there likely to bump into each other.

I really like how we get to hear from both the characthers, Dual points of view is always a bonus for me as I love the mans PoV. 

I love the workings of Lukas's mind, he starts to let his shield down then it's back up, I loved my glimpse of the softer Lukas ❤️.

Elena is great through part two, but that man does something to her that no other man does! 

There's sex and romance, not forgetting the suspense and the game has gone up a notch......

A great read that's caught me in its tale.

I now have to wait till end of December for part 3! 

4.5 stars.

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