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He's Captured My Soul by Karen Frances Blog Tour and Review

Title: He's Captured My Soul 
Author : Karen Frances 
Genre: Romance

Libby Stewart has everything she could possibly dream of, and more. She has the job she has always dreamed of, she is the manger of Stewart Hotel and Country Estate. A hotel on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. She has a close relationship with her family. The relationship she shares with her twin brother Ethan and his daughter, is extra special because of the loss they have suffered.

She also has the man of her wildest dreams. Never in a million years did Libby see herself falling so quickly for a man again. But she fell hard for Alexander Mathews, the arrogant, yet sexy American businessman. 

They connect on all levels. They have passion and chemistry that is off the charts. But has their relationship moved too fast?

Just when Libby thinks there is nothing to stand in their way of true happiness, tragedy strikes. Libby is left wondering if history is about to repeat itself for the Stewart family. Can Libby find the strength deep within, to overcome the situation she finds herself in?

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Book 3 He's captured my soul 

Alex and Libby, so in love, so passionate it makes you feel warm all over. 

Alex is like an Alpha male in the way his protective, successful and passionate, but then again his no alpha in many other way he doesn't try to take over Libby and encourages her to succeed without interfering, his so romantic too. ❤️

Libby she's still got her eye on the ball with the business even if she is loved up with Alex, they fit together perfectly they were made to be together. It's a good job Alex doesn't try to control her, he wouldn't stand a chance.

This part of the story is their romance getting more serious, yes there could bells ringing somewhere..... It's all very Romantic.

When tragedy makes a mess of there perfect love it's heartbreaking, I did feel a bit peeved with Libby's decision to give in so quickly, I know it was tough going but that's life! 

This is the last book in the series so it's not hard to guess there's a hea for these lovebirds, they've had there ups and downs through the books, in the beginning of book one I had to warm up to Alex I found him too presumptuous, but at the end of the series I think his the perfect mix of a man.

I loved the story, the writing and the well thought out characthers, the friends and family with there side stories made the whole story complete. 

Five loved up stars 

** I received an arc for an honest review **

Karen Frances is the author of author of The Captured Series.
She currently lives just outside Glasgow, Scotland, with her husband, five children and two dogs. She spends some of her free time trying to keep fit and prepare healthy meals for her family, when their busy schedules allow them all to sit down at meal times together. She loves nothing more than spending time socialising with her closest family and friends, whether that’s a day out or more often than not a BBQ or meal at her home for everyone. After years of running after her three sons to and from football, she finally has some free time in the evenings for herself, which, when she’s not a taxi service for her daughters, she usually spends reading or writing.

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