Monday, 12 October 2015

Beautiful Imperfection by Hayley Oakes

Book Blurb

Failure wasn’t what Cassidy Sinclair expected when she got married … but that’s exactly what she got. 

Instead of getting her happy ever after she is struggling to adjust to living back with her unconventional parents and the chatter of small town gossip. 

Desi Cardwell was never known for his interpersonal skills and being back in small town Tolvey, sending the rumour mill into overdrive, was not what he wanted for himself.

Both forced home after a decade away, Cassidy and Desi begin an unlikely alliance when she agrees to train with him at his newly opened gym.

Desi is mysterious, guarded and borderline rude but what he lacks in charm he more than makes up for with his hard body and devilish good looks.

Desi does not need anything to keep him in Tolvey longer than necessary.

Cassidy needs something mind-numbing to help her forget her ex.

Both beautifully broken can they find in each other a light in the dark?

My Review

Loved this book, the characters are everyday people that live in towns and cities and live average life's, you may think oh no that sounds hum drum, trust me it's not!

Cass is a broken lady, she can't have a baby, her marriage is over and she's moved in with her 'new Age' parents in a small seaside town, what could be worse? Maybe bumping into old school friends and telling them you failed in the big city......

Desi is newly back in town, his keeping his reasons quiet though.

Cass, she's a mess- drinking, smoking too much and not eating. 

Desi is a moody mare to put it lightly, his bossy too and rarely smiles, your wondering how come you like him? Well his real, has issues, but does have a softer side which he shows eventually. Desi also wins me over by being happy to make a cuppa after a hot session - who needs millionaires lol.

You put these two together and they fit perfectly - they're two beautiful persons just a little broke. Add in an average new age family including a wacky sibling, some fun friends and your set for a great story and I have to say loved callain! 

Beautiful writing and a story that will keep you turning pages ❤️

Five real life stars 

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