Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Forsaking Gray by K L Kreig Blog Tour and Review

Book Blurb

When does hiding the truth to protect someone you love turn into deception?

When does your unwavering trust turn into the ultimate betrayal?

When is the truth more than it appears to be on the surface?

Within less than twenty-four hours of proposing to the love of his life, she disappeared. No note. No trace. No explanation. Nothing. Now, five years later, she’s resurfaced and Gray will stop at nothing to make Livia his again. But is love enough to forgive an unforgivable wrong?

Livia ~ I had less than sixty seconds to make a decision that would forever change my life and those of the ones I loved. 
I sacrificed. 
I suffered. 
I survived. 
And no one must ever discover my shameful secret, especially him. 

Gray ~ I had dreams of a future with the woman who breathed the very life into my soul. 
I was betrayed. 
I was abandoned. 
I was lost. 
Now that she’s back, can I find it within myself to leave the past in the past and forgive so we can move forward and have the life I’d imagined?

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My Review 

A new series, each book will feature a Calloway brother. This book features Gray.

I feel emotionally exhausted after that book, it tore at my heart the love Gray and Livvy have for one another.

Livvy is so strong, she's been through so much stuff and sacrificed her own happiness and well being to protect another, surely life gives second chances? 

Gray, a man doing well in the world, has a fabulous set of brothers and a mother that adores him, but still his not whole, not since the love of his life disappeared from his life.

Livvy never dared face Gray when she escaped her hell, but life pushes them into each other's paths again.

Their story is not an easy path, trust is teetering on the edge, but love runs deep and oh my word these two are so passionate, Gray is quite dominate in the bedroom and Livvy loves it, he gives as much as he takes. 

Gray has back up in this book his brothers, they're extremely protective of each other and are none to pleased to see the reappearance of the girl that destroyed their sibling. I really enjoyed their relationships, how they interacted together and the banter they shared and especially how they cared for each other. 

My poor heart took a beating reading this, I felt very emotional a few times through this story and came close to tears. Then Ms Kreig through in a OMG moment that made me gasp out loud.

Ms Kreigs writing is spell binding and she'll pull you into her book and when it ends you'll want more.

As for the teaser for next book in series I can't wait. 

** 5 undying love stars **

I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest opinion

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