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Eternal Bloodthirst by S J Blackrose - Review Rewind

Book blurb

Every vampire has a soulmate, and once they find them, the clock starts ticking... 
Vadym and Elyzaveta both know they are meant to be, but a series of betrayals and misunderstandings prevent them from being together. Even after almost a century, they are both too stubborn to give in. Because of this, Lilith, his queen, gives him a deadline. One he intends to ignore. 

The sudden return of their enemy brings them back together in a way they would never have anticipated. A deadly threat forces them to leave their homes to start a new and safer life in a small town on the other side of the planet. Another unexpected tragedy makes her hate him all over again, and this time, she is not the only one.

When the most powerful witch in existence threatens their town and thus their lives, they know they have to find a way to kill her and her warlocks, and together, they just might be able to do so. 

Vadym, the leader of the Vampiri, now has to recover the love of his life as well as the love of his daughter. Not an easy task. What he doesn´t remember, is that it is only a matter of time until Lilith forces the deadline on them, threatening to kill the only woman meant for him...

Warning: this book will bite! It contains scenes of a graphic nature and is not intended for readers of less than 18 years. Read at your own discretion. 

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My Review

Every vampire has a soulmate, and once they find them, the clock starts ticking..

Two types of vampire..

Vampiri - they drink blood from each other. They can eat food, but don't require it.

Vanatori - feed on humans but still need human food.

The twist is Vampiri and Vanatori are each others soul mates, once they touch a mark appears showing they've found their fated one, then all they have to do is complete the bonding, there comes another twist one of them has to change vampire status. I know which I'd choose Vampiri, much sexier to feed on each other than strangers! 

If the above wasn't difficult enough the factions are currently enemies, that all changes when an old enemy shows up and they have to leave their differences behind.

Vadym, is the leader of Vampiri, his a strong leader, his stubborn too though. He has a family that he loves and will protect at all cost. His known about his fated one for decades but they ignore each other, like I say stubborn!

Ely, she's a Vanatori woman that knows what she wants, she's a doctor, a teacher and a loyal daughter, she hates her fated one! 

What I really liked about the book is that both the main characthers come with some baggage, which is one the reasons these fated ones are not together.

The author is new to me, it's her debut book and I Think she's done a good job creating a new vampire world, her writing isn't over descriptive, some may say not descriptive enough but there was enough for me visualise this tantalising new world.

I found that her writing style got better as the book went on. The chapters are split mainly between Vadym and Ely but there are chapters told from other characthers point of view, which was a good way of getting to know everyone, 

I loved that Vadym and Ely burned for each other but as I said before they're both stubborn, they have unsorted baggage and neither will change sides. Once they are thrown together again it's not long until their lips lock.

The book is about Vadym and Ely sorting things out, but it's more than that as it sets up the whole series which I will be adding to my tbr.

If you love vampires and looking for a new twist in the genre you'll love this book.


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