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Inherited Thorns by Sammie Sidelinger - Review

Inherited Thorns by Sammie Sidelinger

Book Blurb

Inherited Thorns is book one in The Empathetic Enchantments Series

Acer Randall took off from reality on his motorcycle, without looking back, in an attempt to get his head put back on his shoulders right. After learning he had a life-long cross to bear, Acer attempted to shake the self-image he'd always been proud of. He decided to run with a pack of warlocks as the enforcer for several years to get away from his family and the truth he doesn't want to face. 
There's always been talk of the beast residing in the deep back woods in Maine. Growing up, Acer had no idea that the curse the town folk talked of was the same one that flowed through his very own veins. 
While on the road home with only one assignment to finish, Acer runs into trouble her name's Haven and she's the only thing he has ever wanted that he couldn't have. He finds himself in a situation where he could look at the future with the woman his body remembers and desires. Nonetheless, she is going to kill him... Now the one time he doesn't want to run away from life, he needs to stay on the move as he stands to lose it all. Who wants to live without what the soul wants?

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My Review

I love starting a new series, so when I was asked to read and review this book I jumped at the chance.

The basis of this pnr book is Acer is struggling with who he is, so he sets off on his bike. He meets Haven, could she be the one that would accept him? There's certainly chemistry between them! It's a fast paced book with lots going on, along with this there is a mixture of interesting characthers and different paranormal species.

I took to Acer straight away, I felt sorry for him at times too, some of his abilities are difficult for him to manage, his personality was strong and had a sexy/cheeky side too. 

Haven, is a woman not to be messed with, but she's very relatable too.

The were parts I got a little confused and had to backtrack to check things. every author has there own style and I soon got into the rhythm of the book.

Inherited Thorns is a good read and I look forward to reading book 2 

3.75 stars

**i received a copy for an honest review**

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