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The Stand-in by Rosanna Leo

Book Blurb

Out of work and desperate, Winn Busby accepts the only job available to her … professional liar! Simple enough, until she meets a former political journalist determined to sniff out the truth about what she’s up to. Charming, witty, and filled with sizzling passion, The Stand In, another great romantic comedy from author Rosanna Leo. 

Failed actress Winn Busby is at the end of her rope. With no money and no prospects, she accepts the one job she never thought she’d see on her résumé. Professional bridesmaid. It should be easy. If only the idea of weddings and vows didn't give Winn a case of the hives. Her role becomes more challenging when she's told a reporter will shadow her work for a men's magazine article. 

Working for Player Magazine is Patrick Lincoln's worst nightmare. A former political journalist, he used to write thoughtful columns for one of Toronto's most respected papers. That is, until he was blackballed for allegedly sleeping with the boss's wife. Overnight, Patrick becomes the city's most reviled bad boy. And now he's forced to write a seedy expose on, of all things, a bridesmaid. 

Patrick begrudgingly accompanies Winn to a series of strange weddings. As they are forced to work together, he learns there is more to the stand-in bridesmaid than puffy dresses and pretty speeches. She, in turn, begins to question whether or not Patrick actually deserves the derision of his peers. As much as they fight their attraction, it begins to threaten their work and their sanity. 

For so long, Winn has felt second-best. A stand-in. She finally meets a man who believes in her value. But can she let go of the past and accept him? 

Content Notes: Hot, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy

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My Review

**Warm, funny and romantic**

Winn has a bad history with men, she's out of work too, surely she's due some good luck....

Patrick is an out of work journalist, his a man anyone could fall in love with his charming, funny and sexy.

Winn has a chance of a new job as a Stand-in bridesmaid, it's good money and you get to keep the dresses! How can you turn that down! 

Patrick and Win are thrown together when Patrick is asked to do an article on a Stand-In Bridesmaids. He is tasked with following her around while she does her job, which means spending time together and getting to know one another.

I loved how Rosanna who I know more for her paranormal romances made these two people so real, they had normal conversations even at the most inappropriate times! The relationship developed beautifully and the sexual tension between the two built up to a point where I was desperate for them to kiss, I think I enjoyed the kiss as much as the characthers lol! 

There is also a great selection of background characthers, they're mainly family and all families have issues, these two families are no different.

I'm sure it's safe to say there's a happy ending, but it's all about the journey.

If your looking for a refreshing read give this romantic comedy a try.

4.5 amusing and romantic stars 

**I was gifted an arc for a honest review **

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