Monday, 11 May 2015

Vacant by Ker Dukey



When two dark souls connect the draw is too dominant to ignore and the obsession of owning the only color to brighten my dark world too unrelenting to not obey. I left her alone so she could live a normal life but I was weak, how can she live a normal life after so much sinister chaos invaded her world, summoning her own darkness to the surface?
The depraved devil that is me now had an anchor, someone to venture into the black abyss with. 
Normal wasn’t a path ever set for Cereus. 
She was her Father’s daughter but my soul mate, even if I disputed ever owning one. 
She was struggling without me in her life, the vacant ache inside her leaking out. I can’t not go to her, the need is too strong and like with all of my urges I embrace it.

My Review

Dark and deliciously twisted.

This book is the continuation of the empathy series and mainly features Ryan and Cereus. Cereus is at college, but just doesn't fit in, she craves her uncle.... Ryan misses Cereus but he has other people to deal with.

It's a novella so I don't wish to share to much as it may spoil book for you, but it's good.

If you like your stories dark and twisty you'll love this book/series.

4.5 twisty stars

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