Friday, 5 June 2015

Binding Ecstasy by Setta Jay

*Erotic Paranormal Romance*
A Beautiful Weapon Contained.
Natasha and her sister were created with sinister purpose. They were Apollo's most deadly and potent weapons. Finally escaping the evil God long ago, they made a secret life concealed among humanity in Earth Realm. There, Tasha has spent her nights watching the mortals at her club engage in erotic scenes that leave her aching… desperately longing for someone with the power to dominate her and give the pleasure she craves. For her own safety she knows she’s destined to live her life in the shadows, but when she sees a male who sparks an insatiable hunger she is unable to remain hidden. A Powerful Guardian Restrained. Bastian and his fellow Guardians have spent the last month in a fruitless search for Apollo. They know that something dangerous is on the horizon and it is imperative they lock away the corrupt God immediately. After recently witnessing a number of his brethren find their fated mates, Bastian never considered that he would also be blessed. But when the calm and controlled Guardian meets an alluring and seductive female he learns just how wild and consuming the mating frenzy can be. However, his mate is incredibly powerful and at risk of being caged by his own brothers if he doesn’t do everything, including lie, to protect her. Immovable object, meet irresistible force. It's a battle that both will win if they can survive the deadly forces, both friend and foe, that surround them.

Warning: This novel is intended for a mature audience. You will find kick-ass females, explicit sex, voyeurism and alpha males with bad language.

My Review

So Setta has done it again, she's written a sexy, erotic book, it has great characthers and a constantly developing storyline that makes you keep turning pages.

This book is Bastian's, he's very Dom when it comes to bedroom matters, but his warm and caring with it too, to say his a hot alpha male doesnt do him justice.

Natasha, also known as Tasha is a strong woman on a mission, she has a twin, her sister is called Nastia, they have strong skills including Misting, which I found very intriguing, sounds a fun power! 

Once these two connect that fabulous frenzy starts, all I can say is make sure your shower is working as you'll need a cold shower or two as the sex is steaming.

I loved their story. Along with this couples mating story Setta weaves in lots of other side stories to keep us wanting more and it works as I'm desperate for the next now!

This is a book series but they can be read as standalone, personally as someone who reads lots of books/series, I always think it's best to read from start as when other characthers pop into stories you get so much more pleasure from there cameo appearance.

**Five steaming seriously hot stars**

I received an arc of this book for an honest review

Setta Teaser

About Setta Jay:

The sad truth is that I'm not nearly as entertaining as fiction. *Wink* I am a thirty-seven year old stay at home writer, thanks to my incredibly supportive husband. We've been together for thirteen years and I still love waking up next to that sexy man. We lost our furry child recently, so we are childless at the moment. Our whole world revolved around her. Needless to say, I love animals, especially dogs. Okay, maybe not all animals, I'm not a super big fan of monkeys. Any animal that throws their feces kind of eeks me out. I may, or may not, have a problem with candy. I love any research that leads to Neiman Marcus' online shoe department. Spreadsheets give me way more happiness than they should. I love to read, the dirtier the better. It all started with the naughty historical romances by Judith McNaught that I devoured as a teenager. I love reading about hot, sexy alpha males and heroines that are smart enough to live.

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