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Abigail's Affair by Pat Spence

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Abigail's Affair (The 'Looking for Love' Series Book 1) 

by Pat Spence 

Reasoning that absence makes the heart grow fonder and attempting to force her married lover’s hand, 30 -year old Abigail Aske decides to visit an old friend in Australia. 

But staying with a 6’2”Amazonian fitness freak proves something of a challenge, as does maintaining ‘no contact’ with Jake, not to mention resisting other tempting ‘offers’. 

Set against a wonderful Australian backdrop, with a host of quirky, emotionally dysfunctional characters, Abigail’s Affair tells of a woman’s search for love and happiness, revealing the highs and lows of having an affair, and showing how the experience of travel becomes a voyage of self-discovery, with surprising results. 

A story of love, lies, betrayal and hope… 

For anyone who is having an affair, has had an affair or is thinking of having an affair, this book is ESSENTIAL reading… 

My Review
A perfect summer read.
Imagine your madly in love with a man, but his married with a child and his wife is expecting another child, conceived while you were together.... Okay I know what your thinking she gets what she deserve's for messing with a married man... but you haven't heard Abigail's story yet!
Abigail is a fun loving woman, hooked up with a part time man, things are amazing when there together, Jake is charming and sexy and of course the added danger adds to the fun. But it's not enough, who wants a part time man? So Abigail heads to Australia to catch up with her friend Rosalyn, clear her head and maybe find herself!
This book is called Abigail's Affair, but it could be called Abigail's Adventures! It's has alternating chapters, one present time and then it goes back to a Jake and Abigail memory. I found myself liking Jake but also doubting him a lot too, he is a cheater after all!
On her Adventures, Abigail meets many interesting characters, some quite quirky, some just damn cheeky, but she has lots of fun. I think you'd be hard pressed not to like Abigail, she's a very normal woman trying to find her place in the world. You will have some aargh moments, and some aaaahhh bless moments along with some laughs and a cringeworthy moment on a bus tour, to what'll have to read it and see.
A great chick lit read for the summer.

5 stars
* I received an arc for an honest review**

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