Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bear-ever Yours by Terry Bolryder

Book blurb

Leah Maitland isn't expecting much when she wins an unexpected, all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean. Just some sunshine, fruity drinks, and maybe a break from her demanding job as an office manager to the worst boss ever. She definitely isn't expecting Sky Weston, a hot, athletic local dive instructor with surfer blond hair and Caribbean blue eyes who seems determined to rock her world. 

Sky is tall, intensely handsome and a polar bear shifter whose family moved to warmer climates. From the moment he looks into Leah's sparkling brown eyes from across the room, he knows he wants the curvaceous beauty for his own. 

But as things heat up in the Caribbean, danger is also close on their heels. And if Sky can't convince Leah to trust the passion igniting between them, he might just lose her to the evil bear that is willing to do anything to make her his.

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My Review

Shifters, I love them.

Leah wins an all expenses paid holiday, little does she know someone's trying to matchmake!

Sky is a scuba instructor and a polar bear, when he spots Leah he knows shes something special.

This book was okay. I didn't quite connect fully with the characthers, the problem  I had was how they spoke to each other it was a little annoying, Sky called Leah 'mate' most the time instead of Leah and she over used the word bear.

It was still an enjoyable read even if predictable. Sky I have to admit knew how to be romantic! 

3 stars

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