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Out of the Dark Blog Tour

Release Date: December 4 , 2014
Genre: FICTION/Romance/General
ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-288-4
My Review Cari has just graduated and is off on her holiday to Italy, when she meets Stefan an older man, that charms her. As time moves on cari notices certain things about Stefan, maybe the glamour is fading, maybe his not who she thinks he is ......... Enter the sexy nephew, and add in an absent fiance. What could go wrong? I enjoyed this book, it could have had a bit more suspense especially near the end. Characters - Cari - she falls easy on her first holiday away, you can't blame her getting caught up in the romance, beautiful Italy and a charming/handsome man. Enzo - gorgeous, lighthearted, fun, caring loves cooking - so perfect for Cari Stefan - handsome, charming, demanding, sometimes scary, far too absent.....He had his faults, but I felt sorry for him, he inherited the family business and had no choices in some things but he made some bad decisions in my opinion. All in all a decent read 3.75 stars **I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review** Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH
Everyone makes choices in life. Carina Porter may have made the wrong one.
After graduating college, she sits beneath her complimentary blanket in first class dreaming of grand adventures when she lands in Italy. Carina always put others first, but now, she’s resolved to indulge in an extraordinary vacation alone in Tuscany. Finally free from the demands of school and family, she's determined to break away from her sensible nature and take risks. When a handsome man sits beside her on the plane, those daydreams vanish.
Stefan Savano is dashing and handsome. As he shares tales of his family and vineyard, Carina is swept away by his charm. After a brief courtship, Carina falls hard, but events come to light that make her question whether Stefan is as kind-hearted as he appears to be.
Things aren’t as they seem at Savano vineyard. Carina seeks answers, but it seems everyone is keeping a secret. When Stefan’s nephew, Enzo, pays a visit to the estate she’s drawn to his kind and free-spirited nature, and they form a friendship. Stefan becomes preoccupied with work, and when Enzo’s stay ends, Carina finds herself feeling isolated. It is then that illness and responsibilities require Stefan and Carina to return to his small vineyard in quaint Ravine Creek, New York.
There, Carina meets Stefan’s entire family and the time she spends with Enzo becomes more frequent. She tries to deny her traitorous feelings for him, but their attraction grows each day.
When Carina experiences a tragedy, she learns what true love means and must choose between an unhappy existence and a life of passion.
Her decision could do more than destroy a family—it could be fatal.
aemersonApril Emerson moved to New York City after graduating from college with a degree in literature. As a nature lover, living in the city was a culture shock, but she soon began to enjoy being surrounded by so much energy. Submerged in perpetual crowds, April developed a fondness for people  watching, which inspired her to start writing. Drawn to both the light and dark of humanity, she strives to tell sexy and romantic stories with exquisitely complex characters. When she isn’t writing, she loves listening to music or reading a good book while enjoying a glass of wine.

Praise for Out of the Dark 
"I could recommend this book. It's hot and I really liked the suspense element. I hope to read a book a out Stefan and his life after Carina."  - Liz  Goodreads Review

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