Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A year of You by A D Roland

Book blurb

The con was supposed to be simple - get in, get the money, get out. But when Mattie meets the family that rejected her as an infant, she becomes tangled in a dark family mystery that someone will kill to keep unsolved.

As she struggles to earn the reward offered to her by her wealthy maternal grandmother, her past threatens to destroy the tentative new life she is trying to build with West, a passionate, moody musician. To save the man she loves, she has to reveal everything. But revealing her past will cost her everything. Mattie must make a choice, one that will either kill her or turn her into the very thing she hates the most. Will she choose her past...or her future?

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My review

A must read book, loved it!

Maddie is drawn in to a wealthy family, as the long lost daughter, she's not overly welcomed, and is quizzed by her could be sisters fiancé West. That's just the start....

It's in no way a hearts and flowers romance book, you'd struggle to find the word Love in there (it is though), it's full of people keeping secrets and with their own agendas....

I really enjoyed the storyline, characthers and the authors style.

Maddie is a complex characther at first look, but when you look closely she just wants to be wanted.

West, is a little messed up himself his besotted with Matties sister. Yet married to Mattie!

Mix in a rich family with dark secrets and a nasty man from maddies life and you've got one hell of a story. The sex scenes are are rough and hot, just like the rest of Maddie and West's relationship.

If you like to be kept on your toes, wondering what will happen next you'll love this book, I did.

Its a standalone book so you get a satisfying ending.

Warning - There's is violence in this book and talk of abuse.

I'm awarding this fab book five stars, and look forward to reading more of authors work.

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