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Review - Dirty at 30 Series: Love Without Batteries #1 Author: Cassandra Lawson

Dirty-at-30 Cassandra Lawson (Ebook)

Title: Dirty at 30
Series: Love Without Batteries #1
Author: Cassandra Lawson
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 16


I hadn’t realized I was stuck in a rut until the day I lost Raphael. There I was, just about to reach my big O when he died. I tried replacing his batteries, but nothing worked. It was that frustrating moment when I decided I wanted a real man in my life.
Ty seems like the perfect guy. He’s sexy, sweet, and he can satisfy me in ways Raphael never could. Unfortunately, he’s also my stepson’s best friend. While only five years younger, Ty seems like forbidden fruit, but I still find myself unable to resist him. Now, I just need to figure out if this is the beginning of a forbidden romance that will end in tragedy, or if Ty could be my happily ever after.
Following their disastrous marriages, Brook, Chelsea, and Delaney swore off men. After years of being on their own, these ladies have decided they want more. At the age of thirty, the three friends make a pact to re-enter the dating world. Little do they know they are all destined to find love in the arms of younger men.


“Do you want to stay?” I asked shyly.
Meeting my gaze, his lips parted slightly, and he just stared at me for a moment, his inner struggle clear. “Yes. I want to stay more than you can possibly know.”
“Then stay,” I suggested, placing one hand on his bicep and allowing it to trail down his arm.
Ty watched my hand as it made its descent.
“Would you have asked me to stay before I kissed you?” he asked, meeting my gaze again. “Think carefully, sweetheart, because I need to know this isn’t just lust talking. I need to know you won’t regret this.”
I opened my mouth to tell him I definitely wouldn’t regret it, but I hesitated. “I don’t know,” I replied honestly.
He closed his eyes and took several breaths before opening them. “Then we’ll wait. I need more than one night with you.”


This book was just what I needed, a sexy read with humour mixed in. 

Brook is gutted when Raphael dies, no need to worry though it's only her vibrator. She hasn't had a partner for years even though she is married, her hubby has been missing for years leaving her to raise his son alone. After the devastation of Raphael dying and having very amusing conversations with her friends about sex toys she decides it's time to go for the big D, d being divorce. I loved the conversations she shared with her friends, they remind me of dinner dates with my girlfriends as they always seem to deviate to sex/toys talk!

Luke is Brooks stepson and he has a group of friends his grown up with, one being Ty who used to have a crush on Lukes mom - well Brook looks good and is described as a MILF as she is only 6 years older than Luke and his friends.

The book mixes humour, changing relationships and sexy times well. I found Ty and Brook very sweet together,. Ty comes across as a supportive partner, this is a good thing as some people are douchebags and want to scupper the divorce and a blossoming relationship.

I found it perfect for a perk me up read and I was pleased to see there will be another book in this series.

4.5 stars

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